Sustainability Report

We create positive societal change by developing, producing, and promoting treatments that support individuals with substance use disorders and severe mental illness. We do this while striving to create value for our stakeholders, such as patients, workforce, investors, and suppliers. These activities must be sustainable, advancing medical science and treatment while preserving natural and human resources.

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There are five key pillars that form Indivior’s sustainability framework

These activities are delivered and assessed through our sustainability governance, which is comprised of strategy and policies, our management systems and processes, our performance measurement and monitoring, and our engagement with stakeholders.

Pillar One: Transform Patient Lives

At Indivior, we recognize substance abuse as a serious issue and are dedicated to helping all people who struggle with it. Since our founding, we have been at the forefront of addiction medicine development, producing four buprenorphine-based medications that help treat OUD, a vital element of achieving SDG 3.5, which seeks to strengthen the prevention, and treatment of substance abuse.

Pillar Two: Prioritize Our People

We prioritize a culture of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration, where every employee feels valued and supported. We uphold ethical standards in all our operations. Our actions are set by the Guiding Principles that form the foundation of our Company.

Pillar Three: Conduct Our Business with Integrity

One of our foundational Guiding Principles is to demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times. Our organization works diligently every day to help ensure that our work is reflective of our strong values of responsibility and integrity. By ensuring we conduct business with a high standard of integrity and ethics, we ensure that patients’ needs are being met and that employees work in a responsible and fair environment.

Pillar Four: Address Our Environmental Responsibilities

We are working to better understand our environmental footprint so that we sustainably grow our discovery, development, and delivery of innovative medicines for patients. Informing our work are the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), as well as various regulatory bodies and initiatives that aim to achieve greater transparency, and to enable stakeholders to monitor the related areas of climate change and environmental performance.

Pillar Five: Provide Our Products

Indivior follows strict regulatory guidelines and quality standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. These guidelines require pharmaceutical companies to establish and maintain rigorous processes for product development, manufacturing, testing, and distribution. In addition, Indivior has dedicated quality control and quality assurance teams that monitor every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with regulations and company standards.

Sustainability Reports

Indivior’s purpose, to bring science-based, life-transforming treatment to patients, is underpinned by our standards of corporate governance. Our commitment to acting responsibly to build the long-term success of the Group and create value for all shareholders is at the center of the Group’s decision-making and is an integral consideration in Board and Committee discussions.