Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

Indivior advocates on public policy issues that relate to addiction by engaging responsibly with public officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders at all levels of government, and with healthcare professionals and community stakeholders (for example NGOs, patient support organizations, and charities that address behavioral health matters like addiction and mental health).

In the US, Indivior’s public policy priorities are focused on the expanding access to medication-assisted treatment. Indivior believes that medication assisted treatment (MAT), or medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD), including treatment with buprenorphine (BMAT), is a critical part of the solution to the global opioid crisis. MAT brings substantial value to both patients and society, but remains, for many reasons, severely underutilized, with certain populations more affected than others.

Removing barriers to innovative treatments

Indivior believes that new, evidence-based buprenorphine long-acting injectable medications are innovations in MOUD. Indivior also believes that any ambiguity in current federal and state controlled substance distribution laws should be addressed to ensure patients and providers can realize the full value of these innovations.

Addressing reimbursement barriers by supporting the enforcement of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

Indivior supports robust education, enforcement, and awareness of US federal and state parity laws, and advocates to strengthen these where necessary, working together with key external stakeholders.

Increasing disease and treatment education

Indivior advocates for accelerated public, healthcare provider, and patient education on the disease of OUD and evidence-based treatment options, including all FDA-approved medication assisted treatments.

Indivior advocates for education on addiction and evidence-based treatments in medical, physician assistant, and nursing schools, and as a core requirement for continuing medical education programs within the healthcare system.

Committed to reducing the stigma

Indivior supports groups that advocate for ongoing education of health care professionals, patients and their caregivers, and the public in general, to reduce the stigma surrounding substance use disorders, and their treatment, recognizing that there is hope in recovery.

Advocating for access to treatment in correctional settings

Because OUD is more prevalent in the criminal justice system, Indivior advocates for expanding access to MOUD in correctional settings, and for smooth transitions to care and coverage in society upon release.