Governance Framework

The Board is responsible for ensuring there is a robust and transparent governance framework in place. There is a clear division of responsibilities between the Board and its Committees; each role is clearly defined and is distinct from the other. 

Board Committees

The Board has established five principal Committees to support it in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities.


Audit & Risk Committee

The Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide effective governance by overseeing the Group’s financial reporting processes including the Internal Audit Function and External Auditor, and to maintain oversight of the Group’s system of internal control and risk management activities.


The Terms of Reference for the Audit & Risk Committee can be found here: Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference.


Compliance, Ethics & Sustainability Committee

The Committee has responsibility for the oversight of the Group's Global Integrity and Compliance Program and approach to ethical, responsible and sustainable conduct.


The Terms of Reference for the Compliance, Ethics & Sustainability Committee can be found here: Compliance, Ethics & Sustainability Committee Terms of Reference.


Nomination Committee

The Committee has oversight of Board and Committee composition and succession planning and is responsible for ensuring that the Board comprises individuals with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to effectively discharge their responsibilities.