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The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy: National Drug Control Strategy and National Treatment Plan for Substance Use Disorder Addresses the ‘Treatment Gap'

Richmond, VA, February 5, 2020 – The recently released White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) National Drug Control Strategy report establishes key pillars for addressing the challenge of illicit drug use and eliminating barriers to evidence-based treatment leading to longterm recovery.1 Accompanying the National Drug Control Strategy is the first ever National Treatment Plan for Substance Use Disorder, 2 which provides an evidence-based framework to increase Americans’ access to high-quality substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and support those in long-term recovery.

The patient need is urgent, as evidenced by new data from the report estimating that of the 21.2 million Americans needing treatment for a substance use disorder, only 3.7 million receive any kind of treatment.1 The report describes this as a ‘treatment gap between those needing treatment and those receiving it.’1

Indivior is fully committed to working with all stakeholders to do more to address the treatment gap that exists today.

This begins with first deepening the understanding of opioid use disorder as a chronic brain disease3 and continuing to build awareness that this disease can, and must be treated, much like diabetes and heart disease.

We must also work together to help ensure that those people in need of treatment are able to access evidence-based treatment. Medications for opioid use disorder and counseling, has been acknowledged by public health authorities as one evidence-based treatment approach.1

Together we will continue the fight against stigma and help break down barriers to evidence-based treatment to help ensure those struggling in communities across America and other parts of the world, and their caregivers, are able to access the treatment they need.

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