Sustainability Report

Our business is a force for positive change in society. By developing, producing, and marketing treatments to help patients suffering from substance use disorders and serious mental illness, we seek to create value for all stakeholders, including patients, employees, investors, civil society, governments, and suppliers. At the same time, we must do this in a way that is sustainable, by advancing the science of medicine and treatment while protecting natural and human resources.

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Key pillars of Indivior’s sustainability strategy

There are five key pillars that form Indivior’s sustainability framework. These activities are delivered and assessed through our strategy and policies, our management systems and processes, our performance measurement and monitoring, and our engagement with stakeholders.

Transform patient lives

At Indivior, we work to transform the lives of people suffering from substance use disorders and serious mental illness by focusing on solutions to help patients, families, and communities struggling with these debilitating diseases. The Group (and its predecessor company) has over 50 years of innovative leadership in developing addiction medicines.

Prioritize our people

Our company’s foundation is built on our Guiding Principles, which guide our actions. Our experienced HR management team supports Indivior’s purpose, vision, and strategy. The team works to attract, maintain, develop, and nurture talent by providing various programs including training and development opportunities. Indivior’s culture and HR policies seek to create a workplace that cultivates trust, honesty, and respect. Harassment or discrimination has no place in our workplace.

Conduct our business with integrity

One of our foundational Guiding Principles is to “demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times.” Our organization works diligently every day to help ensure that our work is reflective of our strong values of responsibility and integrity. By ensuring we conduct business with a high standard of integrity and ethics, we ensure that patients’ needs are being met and that employees work in a responsible and fair environment. Our written standards and policies contain general guidelines for conducting business with a high standard of ethics.

Address our environmental responsibilities

We recognize that climate change is an important issue, and we support the activities of groups such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We also support the various regulatory bodies and initiatives that aim to achieve greater transparency, and to enable stakeholders to monitor the related areas of climate change and environmental performance.

Provide our products

With patients always at the forefront of our focus, safety and product quality are embedded in our culture and are a key element of our business model. Our commitment to product innovation and quality is critical to maintaining the trust of regulators, healthcare professionals, and patients. At all times, our aim is to deliver an uninterrupted product supply.

Sustainability Report 2021

Indivior seeks to create sustainable value for all stakeholders, including patients, employees, investors, civil society, governments, and suppliers.

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