Access, Funding & Advocacy

Indivior Patient Help Foundation

In 2017, the Indivior Patient Help Foundation provided SUBOXONE (buprenorphine and naloxone) Film product valued at $17 million through its patient assistance program in the US. Since 2010, the foundation has provided access to an average of 5,000 qualified patients per year to obtain medication.


Indivior is committed to investing in new science and new technologies to treat the chronic diseases and co-occurring disorders of addiction. Revenues generated from the sales of our products enable Indivior to continue to invest in studies, building on current technologies and developing new treatment innovations.

Indivior wants to help ensure our products are affordable to appropriate patients. When determining the price of our products, multiple factors are considered, including the value the new treatment innovation delivers to patients, significant new scientific evidence generated as part of a robust clinical development program and the potential benefits to the healthcare system.

Investigator initiated studies

Indivior continues to support Investigator initiated studies to expand upon the science in addiction.

Medical education grants

Indivior also has a long-standing history of providing unrestricted educational grants to support medical education.

Stakeholder engagement

In 2017, Indivior engaged with a range of stakeholders to help stimulate and accelerate change for patients.

Advocacy and public policy

Indivior advocates on public policy issues relevant to the Company by engaging responsibly with public officials, policymakers and stakeholders at all levels of government.

Indivior supports public policies that:

  • Enable long-term OUD recovery for patients.
  • Promote increased access to evidence-based OUD treatments.
  • Reduce and help prevent the abuse; misuse and diversion of our products.
  • Accelerate innovation.
  • Promote public health.

In the US, Indivior’s public policy approach is focused in the following key areas:

  • Expanding access to medication-assisted treatment: Indivior believes that medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a critical part of the solution to the nation’s opioid crisis. MAT brings substantial value to both patients and society, but remains, for many reasons, severely underutilized.
  • Removing barriers to innovative treatments: Indivior believes new, evidence-based long acting injectable medications are innovations in medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder and that any ambiguity in current federal and state controlled substance distribution laws should be addressed to ensure patients and providers can realize the full value of these innovations.
  • Disease and treatment education: Indivior advocates for accelerated public, healthcare provider and patient education on the disease of OUD and evidence-based treatment options, including all FDA approved medication-assisted treatments such as methadone, buprenorphineand naltrexone.
  • Supporting medical education: Indivior supports education of addiction and evidence-based treatments in medical, physician assistant and nursing schools and as a core requirement for continuing medical education programs within the healthcare system.
  • Supporting the enforcement of the US Parity Act: Indivior supports robust education, enforcement and awareness of US federal and state parity laws and advocates to strengthen where necessary, working together with key external stakeholders.
Abuse, misuse and diversion of our products

Ensuring best practices in treatment and managing the risks of buprenorphine OUD treatments are critical to patients’ safety and their future ability to access treatment.

As the current US market leader in buprenorphine treatments, Indivior works to address the potential risk of abuse, misuse and diversion of buprenorphine treatments for OUD and supports the efforts of other stakeholders to do the same.

Indivior continues to collaborate with medical associations, policy makers, law enforcement and other key stakeholders to help advance solutions.